Welcome to Barrio!

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Barrio is a perfect place to meet ... wellness 😊

Villa, restaurant, boutique hotel, garden and place dedicated to events.

Everything happens at the "shelter" of a historic building, beautifully built in 1883 for former Prime Minister Lascar Catargiu. The building was designed by architect Alexandru Savulescu, a founding member of the Romanian Architects Union.

Is it a meeting place, how else to be between Piata Romana and Piata Amzei? But meetings, like these markets are special because friends and friendships are the charm of life.

Barrio has the ingredients of excellent moments. Not only the mix of drink or culinary recipes, but the contrast between current, classic, modern, chic, interwar and urban give vibrant notes without shattering harmony and authenticity.

The name is a counterpoint, maybe frivolous, but anyway a counterpoint for the location in the center of Bucharest, near the French Legation and near Magheru Boulevard. But we must admit that Barrio has a cheerful, even jovial resonance.

This is what our food looks like

I chose, I selected… I completed: the Barrio a-la-carte menu.

Our theme was DIVERSITY.

               Wider combinations between ingredients and preparation techniques allow us tempting offers of color, shapes, textures, flavors and taste.

               We allocate time to prepare the dishes, we use our skill for cooking them and at the end we give time to assemble an appetizing plate.


That is what our rooms look like

               In its recent history, Villa Barrio has been renovated and transformed into a welcoming hotel, with 8 large rooms: 4 double rooms and 4 spacious Junior Suite rooms.

               Superior Double Rooms (max.2 pers - 25sqm) are equipped with double bed, bathroom with shower, hairdryer, mini fridge, air conditioning, telephone, Wi Fi and cable television.

               Junior Suite Rooms (2 pers - 45sqm, for families the number of people can be supplemented with an extra fee) are divided into two relaxation areas, the living room equipped with armchairs or sofa beds, and the floor where there is a double bed. Like the other rooms, they have the standard bathroom facilities with bathtub or shower, hairdryer, mini fridge, air conditioning, telephone, Wi Fi and cable television.

Your Special Event at Barrio

               An event or anniversary is a unique opportunity to share and share good mood, well-being, gratitude or smiles and hugs.

               Being a host is rather pleasant and memorable.

               For a successful event, talk to our colleagues. They are experienced and will take care of the comfort of the guests. They will know what to ask, they will find out what you want… to avoid emotions

Happy clients